Ngaio Marsh’s New Zealand mysteries

I’ve identified the four Ngaio Marsh mysteries that are set in New Zealand. They’re all fun reads, with good dollops of the New Zealand environment. Anyone interested in more information about the books and their New Zealand setting can download some longer comments in the PDF below.
Vintage Murder (1937): British theater group traveling in New Zealand. Detective Alleyn’s (‘y’ is silent) first visit. Much landscape, discussions with Maori elder.
Colour Scheme (1943): Complex plot at a hot-spring/mud-bath resort next to a Maori settlement. Lots of local color, though the plot may be a little strained.
Died in the Wool (1944): Mystery set on a remote, upland (and upper class) sheep farm. Much New Zealand atmosphere – from landscape to social stratifications. Well plotted: one of my personal favorites.
Photo-Finish (1980): Marsh’s penultimate novel. Alleyn and his wife visit New Zealand. Most of the novel is an exotically-placed English House Mystery (centered on an operatic Diva). But there’s still a strong New Zealand presence.


One thought on “Ngaio Marsh’s New Zealand mysteries

  1. Off topic: momentarily back to old friend Tristram Shandy…….am currently reading ARUNDEL by Kenneth Roberts. The local Sons of Liberty are congregating at a local inn in southern Maine drinking rum, banging on the tables with their mugs while bellowing out “Lillibullero”.

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