Music From Ancient Greece (examples)

Here are some short musical pieces from ancient Greece played by the Ensemble De Organograpia, “a period instrument ensemble dedicated to performing and recording lesser know works from several different eras.” Their CD, Music of the Ancient Greeks, was recorded in 1995, 1997 by Pandourion Records and is still available for purchase on Amazon and elsewhere.
Performers Gayle and Philip Neuman were directors of The Oregon Renaissance Band when they made this CD.  They’ve recorded other ancient musics as well, including Sumerian and Egyptian.

(Note the use of quarter-tones in this song;  our ears aren’t used to the pitch of these “in between” notes.)
Delphic Paean, Athenaeus (127 BC)  [Track 07]  (3:41)
For a lot more information about the music, here’s the booklet enclosed with the Music of Ancient Greece CD

I hope I’ll have time to add a little more about this fascinating music that was so important to ancient Greek drama.    —   Tom.

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