Charles Dickens attempted a (T.S.) Eliot . . .

Catherine Dickens cropApparently Charles Dickens tried unsuccessfully to do to his wife what TS Eliot succeeded in doing to his.  Quels couchons sexistes!  (See links below to John Bowen’s article in the TLS that’s a major source for the NY Times article.)

From The New York Times (Sunday, 24 February).  Click to expand.

The on-line Smithsonian Magazine has also published a slightly longer story about Prof. Bowen’s discoveries.

Note 2/25: I’ve just found the Times Literary Supplement article mentioned in the two articles above. It provides a fuller discussion of the historical evidence by the British scholar, John Bowen. Here’s a PDF: Unmutual Friends by John Bowen – TLS, Feb 2019

Below is the direct link to the TLS piece published this February.

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