Some introductory material to Jeeves and Bertie by Thomas Ashton, MA (Cantab.)

I’ve found a curious anthology containing My Man Jeeves and Right Ho, Jeeves, edited by someone identified as “Thomas Ashton, MA (Cambridge)”  I think he’s a secondary school teacher but, in any case, he’s got four short introductory notes to Wodehouse and Wooster.  I think some of his historical background is useful and if his analysis of Wodehouse and his language seems a little soft overall, Ashton does make a few interesting points along the way.

The book is called Jeeves and Wooster: Evolution of a Genius.  Below is a link to a PDF containing his four mini-essays:  “Historical Context,” “The Peerless Writing Technique of Wodehouse,” “Development of Technique in the Early Jeeves Stories” (in which he comments on a couple of the stories we’re reading), and “Biographical Notes” on Wodehouse.  Worth a skim, perhaps.      — Tom

Thomas Ashton brief essays on Jeeves

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