Another Faulkner story (for future reading)

In 1933, three years before the publication of Absalom, Absalom!, Faulkner wrote a short story called “Wash” that was clearly part of his warm up for the great novel.  Published in 1934, the story gives a straight-forward account of a climactic scene in Absalom between Wash Jones and Sutpen.  Of course Faulkner made a number of changes to the story when he incorporated it into his larger work, and this makes it an interesting read after we’ve finished the novel.  It also stands on its own as a fine short story and has often been anthologized.

Here’s a PDF of “Wash” … along with a corrected (and reformatted) version of “A Rose for Emily” – that shows Elisa was entirely correct in her assumption that we’d been reading a mildly expurgated text (vide the description of the workers whom Homer supervised).

Faulkner, ‘Wash’ (1934)

Faulkner, ‘A Rose for Miss Emily’ (corrected)

2 thoughts on “Another Faulkner story (for future reading)

  1. Tom,

    1 s – Elisa

    which I point out to help with pronunciation – it’s like Lisa or Elise



    • Oops! So much for late-night postings, slippery fingers, and lapses in memory. (But then I’ve always been as bad spelller as F. Scott Fitzgerald so that’s another problem.) Apologies! – Tom

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