An experiment: shall we set up a virtual discussion of Faulkner’s “Abasalom, Absalom!”?

Two days before our third and final meeting to discuss Faulkner’s Absalom Absalom!, Seth was forced to cancel the meeting due to corona virus precautions. Since then we’ve been corresponding via mass emailings – which is not the friendliest environment to engage in an online discussion.
I’m wondering whether we can use WordPress software to generate a more coherent exchange of thoughts and ideas.  So, to begin with, I’m posting here some of the messages that might elicit more comment and discussion.  I’m posting each separately so it’ll be easy to reply directly by using the Comment button.
I’ll keep an eye on this “Forum” page and fiddle around with the display as needed to help a discussion keep going.  (For example, I might copy a series of comments back onto the page with the original posting to facilitate following a particularly interesting exchange.  It’s much easier to make the text on a main page sharp and clear than it is to reformat entries on the comments page.)
—  Tom